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Polish Teacher Participated in International Conference Vlachs in Polish and European Cultural Space
2015-06-09 09:17  

From 22. 05. 2015 to 1. 05. 2015, Polish teacher Dr. Wojciech Sajkowski participated in

Vlachs in Polish and European Cultural Space, an international conference organised by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan  within National Programme for the Development of Humanities of Polish Ministry of Higher Education.   Dr. Wojciech Sajkowski presented his paper during the conference involved the presentation of the whole idea of the project, whose presentation of the research tasks is reaslised by all of the participants of the project present during the conference. He not only presented his paper, but also served as the main organiser of the whole conference.


The subject of the conference and the research project concerns Vlachs – the ethnic group which is known since the middle ages. Those nomadic people were wandering across the mountains of Central and South-Eastern Europe as a herdsmen. Their unique culture became a part of the cultures of many countries of Europe, including Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Italy, and other countries. The whole scientific project aims to collect the whole knowledge about their culture, and its impact on the cultures of the European countries. The whole project will last until 2020.


The whole event was a big logistic challenge, since it was taking place in two different locations in Polish mountains and collaboration with different organisations, such as the Organisation of Polish Higlanders.


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