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Santa Claus is back to Zhaoqing University!
2016-01-04 15:01  

On December the 28th Polish language students joined Christmas party prepared by Dr. Karolina Leśniewska and Dr Tomasz Ewertowski, Polish teachers at Zhaoqing University.

This year we had some competitions about Christmas traditions and it turned out that students of Polish language became real experts in that matter. Some of them prepared Christmas decorations and presents. We listened to traditional Polish Christmas carols. In Polish tradition, before the Christmas Eve supper, family members take a white Christmas wafer, break it and share pieces of it. While sharing the wafer, people exchange wishes and of course ours were in Polish.

At the end of the party, the special guest Święty Mikołaj came and gave everyone a small gift. But the biggest surprise was snow: thousands of tiny papers floating in the air.

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