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Places to eat in Guangzhou
2014-03-11 16:56  


“You name it, it is there—all types of cuisines- check out the local website.






 Advice on restaurants from former teachers

Downtown there are many good places to eat Chinese and Western food. The northern restaurants around the lotus pond are a favourite as well as steak at the Dynasty Hotel which is often on special offer.


When you visit a restaurant for the first time, take one of your Chinese friends (or students) with you. They will gladly help you choose something from the menu.  Ask your friend to write the food you like on some paper, then you can use it for future reference. It’s useful to carry a little book not just food words but places where to go.



*To pay for food at the campus eating outlets you will need a smart card. These can be bought and recharged in the canteens on campus.


Chinese Tea anyone?




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