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New and events  
Zhaoqing University students took part in the Polish Poetry Recitation Competition for Chinese university students 2016/11/14 
Polish teachers attended the Fifth International Conference "Meeting of Polish Studies from Three Countries: China, Korea, Japan” 2016/11/14 
ZQU Awarded Best Organizer by Essay Competition Hosted by the State Administration of Foreign Experts 2016/06/23 
Professor from University of Glasgow Visited ZQU 2016/06/23 
Thai Clarinet Teacher and Students Concert Held 2016/06/23 
Piano Recital by Steinway Artist Prof. Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky 2016/05/19 
European Day Held in Polish Class 2016/05/19 
Foreign Teachers Visited Education Internship Bases in Rural Areas 2016/05/19 
US Diplomat Visited ZQU 2016/03/25 
Teachers and Students of Fine Arts Win Prizes in Intl Expo 2016/03/24 
Students of Foreign Languages Interpret for Consular Event 2016/03/24 
School of Life Science Students Won International Bronze Prize 2016/01/05 
Thai Clarinet Teacher’s Student concert held 2016/01/05 
Prof. Dariusz Samol Sax Moment Students’ Concert Held 2016/01/05 
New Year’s concert by ZQU Wind Orchestra 2016/01/05 
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