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About ZQU  

ZhaoqingUniversity is situated in Zhaoqing City, a national tourist destination famous for its green hills and limestone crags. Zhaoqing is part of Guangdong Province’s Pearl River Delta, an early gateway into south China and an area with strong cultural traditions and educational foundations. Rich tourism resources, modern agriculture and trade and commerce make it a thriving region.

Zhaoqing enjoys fast and frequent road, rail and ferry links to Hong Kong and the provincial capital, Guangzhou. To the west of the city is Dinghu Mountain, one of Guangdong’s four famous peaks, and to the north is Star Lake, said to share the beauty of Guilin and Hangzhou’s West Lake.

The Only Higher Learning Institution in the Zhaoqing Area:Founded in 1970, Zhaoqing University is a state-run establishment and enrolls students on four-year degree programmes. It has 1,425 members of staff and 22, 729 full-time students. The university is committed to promoting social and economic development in Zhaoqing and its neighbouring Yunfu district, both of which have a population of over seven million. Student enrolment has recently broadened to the whole province and even beyond. The university’s two campuses occupy an area of 1665 mu and have 350,000 square meters of floor space.

A Leading Education and Research Institution:As the largest educational and academic institution in the area, Zhaoqing University enjoys a good reputation for the quality of its teaching and the management of its students’ affairs. We are particularly proud of our teacher training and international programmes.

Twin Campuses:The Main (Donggang) Campus is the older of the two campuses and is known for its fantastic mountain view and modern architecture. It houses the major teaching departments, laboratories and research facilities and also hosts the teacher training, career education and international programmes. It is referred to as ‘the aircraft carrier of the university’. The smaller Star Lake Campus is located on the renowned Star Lake. The buildings are of Chinese character and situated around a central lake. It is the centre for the adult education programme and other studies. International students are free to choose which campus they prefer to stay at.

Student Services and Facilities:We offer excellent facilities and comprehensive support services to all of our students. These include an Employment Placement Office, a Student Affairs Department, an Audio-Visual Education Centre, a Library, 108 laboratories, a Dormitory Management Centre,five dining halls, a Student Association Activities Centre, an Academic Exchange Centre, a Counselling Service and multifunctional and well-equipped sports and recreation centre.

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