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Job Opportunities  
Job Opportunities for 2021-2022 Academic Year 2021/01/01 
Teaching Posts for 2016 are Open! 2015/10/09 
Zhaoqing University Job Information for Overseas Teachers 2019-2020 2018/09/05 
No pain, no gain. About difficult but worthwhile cultural and language clashes of a foreign teacher. 2016/12/29 
My life and experience in Zhaoqing – China by Lilianna Jaworska. 2015/12/30 
Celebrating Polish festivals with Chinese students by Tomasz Ewertowski 2015/12/29 
Four seasons at Zhaoqing University by Karolina Lesniewska 2015/12/29 
how i came to china 2015 Derek Buick 2015/12/29 
Living and working in Zhaoqing - „a small city”--Jakub Sajkowsk 2015/12/29 
My Journey to Zhaoqing 2015/03/13 
Teachers Frequently Asked Questions 2014/05/09 
Enjoy the Chinese life and culture 2014/03/06 
Advice from former teachers 2014/03/06 
Teaching and Learning Styles 2014/03/06 
Students 2014/03/06 
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