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Zhaoqing University Job Information for Overseas Teachers 2019-2020
2018-09-05 15:02  

Zhaoqing University (ZQU) will be accepting applications for teaching positions for 2019-2021 spring/autumn semesters.


We are a state-run fully accredited four – year undergraduate program university looking for teachers of English, as well as scholars, professionals, and professors who can speak fluent English to teach courses in both liberal arts and sciences. Please refer to the attached Job Information for additional facts:



We require copies of the following documents:


First page of passport

Degrees, and/or diplomas

ESL teaching certificates, if any

Two references from past employers



1. All applicants should hold at least a Bachelor's degree and two years related work experience in order to clear through the work permit and visa application procedures.


2. Foreign language teaching staff should, in principle, be engaged in teaching with their first language, hold at least a bachelor's degree, and have more than two years of language teaching experience. Candidates who graduate with the majors of education, language or teaching or those who have a teaching certificate from their home country or earned an international language teaching certificate may be exempted from the working experience requirement.


3. Applicants for non language posts should have hold at least a Bachelor's degree and 2 years’ teaching, research or related professional experience in his/her domain.



We offer the following:

12, 000 RMB/month for Ph. D degree holder

10, 000 RMB/month for master degree holder

8, 000 RMB/month for bachelor degree holder


5, 000 RMB for round trip airfare upon the fulfillment of each academic year within the contract.


Free furnished apartment, including internet connection.


A quota of 2,000 yuan RMB worth for electricity and non-drinking water expenses per year.


A two- year contract will be offered. For those signing one-year contract, 11 months salary with an additional 12th month for staying on an additional year.


Residence permit sorted out and paid by the University.


Zhaoqing is a beautiful scenic city. By Chinese standards it is considered a small city, but has all the amenities of places like Guangzhou, which is a short 1.5 hour bus ride from just outside the Campus. Hong Kong is a comfortable 4 hour train ride away. High speed railway station 15 minutes bus ride from the campus, from where you can go to Guangzhou, Nanning, Guiling, Guiyang and various cities in Guizhou province. Inter-city railway to Guangzhou is just 5 minutes away from the campus.


Here you can now find almost anything you wish at any of the major super markets/department stores in the city, R-T Mart and Wal-mart located right in the center, 15 minutes bus ride from the campus. We have one right here on Campus. There is a wet market for fresh fruits, meats and vegetables all at competitive prices.


This city has over a dozen of KFCs, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and many restaurants with English menus and Western food. Transportation to and from the city is about 15 minutes by bus # 10, # 18, #26 and #30, which begin and end right on Campus.


The climate is terrific with long spells of blue sky and sunshine (30-60 days) with very little pollution.  The campus is award winning as a “Garden Campus”.  One look at the website will ascertain this. 


Chinese classes the university can provide free of charge for foreign teachers. For most it's a huge advantage.


So, basically Zhaoqing is the best of both worlds.  Lots to see and do without the crowded conditions of Hong Kong or Guangzhou.  Entertainment, such as bars, clubs, and cinemas are plentiful. If, after looking at our comprehensive website you have any additional questions, please contact us and if you wish we will provide you with contact details of existing teachers who can assist you.





Please contact Ms. Zeng:
Office of International Cooperation & Exchange
Zhaoqing University, Guangdong 526061, P.R China 
E-mail: 782369713@qq.com
Tel: (86758) 2752985

Fax: (86758) 2716969


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