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Enjoy the Chinese life and culture
2014-03-06 16:09  

“Learn the language. Besides helping you get around independently, it’s an excuse to get out of the "language exchange" offers that mostly turn into English lessons. Talk to city dwellers at stores, restaurants, etc. who don't speak English and immerse yourself, it’s fun nowadays I am finding it more useful to learn Cantonese because social times students and local people will speak their native tongue”.


“Eat the street foods, they define local and regional tastes all over the country, and each city or region has its own super-delicious local foods.”


“Some issues could be seen as “sensitive” to Chinese students (i.e. Japan, Taiwan). The first time I was asked about Japan, I answered in a way that offended some of the serious ‘nationalist’ students.  Coming from a more laid-back country, I wasn’t prepared for the intensity of which the Chinese truly love China. Westerners are usually more subtle in their patriotism”.

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