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Teachers Frequently Asked Questions
2014-05-09 17:05  


All teachers should hold at least a Bachelor's degree and some working experience in order to clear through the visa procedures. Native English or Japanese speakers with a non relevant degree may apply for language lecturer posts and if successful will be predominantly assigned to teaching language.  

Teaching Dates  

The year is divided into two semesters. The first begins September 1st and ends in January (depending on the date of Chinese new year). The second semester begins at the end of February and lasts until mid July. There are three days holiday in October and May and one day off  for traditional Chinese Festivals: Qingming (Apr 5, 2014), Dragon Boat Festival (June 2, 2014),  Mid- Autumn Day(Sep 8, 2014)Christmas and New Year. The break in between the semesters (January/February) is variable but normally lasts about six weeks.
How many hours will I teach per week?The contracted maximum is 16 periods (45 minutes each) but you may be given less. Actually, in the past years, most teachers work an average 10-12 hours each week.
Am I expected to teach every day (5 days a week)?No, you can work out a schedule with the secretaries so that you don't have to teach every day.

Money Matters  

What is the salary? There are three levels of salary. The first is for language teachers with no relevant qualifications and little experience. The second is for subject specialists with masters degrees and/or extensive experience. The third is for experienced higher education lecturers with proven research profiles (this would normally include a PhD). The actual amount varies from year to year and is not currently fixed for the year 2014, but is based on local rates for teaching staff in   China . This years rates of pay range between 6, 000 8,000 RMB a month, with an increase of 100 500 RMB based on qualifications and experience.  However additional benefits such as accommodation, airfare allowance effectively double the gross salary. The cost of living in Zhaoqing is a fraction of that living in Europe or the USA . It is safe to say that you will not become rich by international standards teaching at Zhaoqing, but you will be able to live a very comfortable life. Lecturers who have come from European and American Universities in the past all report a rise in the quality and standard of living.
Is a return air fare provided? On completing an eleven month contract you will receive a 5,000 RMB air ticket allowance. For those working more than a year foreign teachers are paid the 12th month and also receive the air fare bonus each year.
Do I have to pay for my work visa? You need to pay for the initial application, but the university will pay for the residence permit expenses.


Class sizes vary depending on the subject (20 for art classes, 35-45 for language classes).
What is their English level? This varies greatly throughout the University. All students have been learning English from elementary school and have a basic ability to communicate in English. English Language students are reasonably fluent.
How can I teach a specialist subject if the students do not understand me? For specialists teaching outside the English department translators are provided for formal lectures. For practicals, lab time and workshops teachers should be able to communicate in English.
What are the teaching facilities like? Most class rooms have multimedia facilities to project computer presentations, play DVD's and radio microphones as well as traditional chalk boards.


All overseas lecturers are provided with free furnished accommodation on campus.
What is provided in the accommodation? Furniture, beds, bedding, air conditioning, fridge, TV, DVD player, washing machine, microwave etc.
What bills do I need to pay? Electricity and water are free within a reasonable quota.
Can I get access to the Internet? If you have your own computer it is possible to arrange a broadband internet connection free of charge at home, otherwise you can use one of the internet Cafes located outside the main campus. 

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