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Advice from former teachers
2014-03-06 16:08  

“A lively teacher, able to interact, will make a considerable difference.  Encourage independent thought.”


“Beware of political restraints. Accept that your students are not accustomed to expressing opinions.  ‘Saving face’ is an innate desire which must be avoided but also tackled.”


“Be real, true to yourself. Share your personal experiences with students”


“I’d say prepare to have a good time! I’d also say to be aware of your boundaries – if you’re not careful you’ll end up doing way too much and burning out.”


“I’d say that ‘cheating’ and ‘plagiarism’ are more common here – and not considered as seriously as they would be elsewhere (it is a collective society, in many ways). You can overcome this with group exams or by being very vigilant during exams. Like everywhere, if you let them cheat, some will.”


“Don’t expect a lot in the first month or so. The students are very shy, to make mistakes and “lose face”. They need to become comfortable with the teacher before they will strive to improve. Smile a lot and always show them that you understand most of what they say.”

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