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The Screening Ceremony of the 2022 "Looking China·International Youth Film Project - Guangdong Tour" Kicks Off in Zhaoqing University
2022-06-15 11:21  

The Screening Ceremony of the 2022 "Looking China·International Youth Film Project - Guangdong Tour" was recenty held at Zhaoqing Art Museum (Zhaoqing University Art Museum). After 17 days of filming and production, 9 young foreign directors from Poland, Canada, Indonesia, Jordan, Ecuador, India, Pakistan, Congo (DRC), Botswana wrote a wealth of moving stories in collaboration with 19 Chinese producers after fully appreciating the magnificent landscape of Duanzhou, Deqing, Fengkai, Dinghu, Sihui and Qingyuan and tapping into abundant cultural resources.

The "Looking China·International Youth Film Project" was founded by the Huilin Foundation of Beijing Normal University and the Institute of International Communication of Chinese Culture in 2011, and has been successfully held for 11 years with the academic support of the China Higher Education Association Committee of Film and TV Education.

Among the 9 young foreign directors, Nikola Berzenji and Elżbieta Woleńska were foreign teachers of Zhaoqing University. Nikola Berzenji directed Bound by Rice, in which he got close to Guozheng, tasted the delicacy and explored the culture behind the food. Elżbieta Woleńska directed Quest for the Gorge, by finding a group of people who dedicated themselves to protecting the ecosystem of Antelope Gorge and inheriting the culture behind it when, she hoped to motivate more and more people to protect the gorge and make it more charming.

Although the 17-day "Looking China-Guangdong Tour" officially came to an end, the profound implication and spirit of family, homeland and country will always be kept alive and carried forward. We wish the friendship between China and foreign countries could live forever, and Chinese and foreign cultures could further communicate with and learn from each other.

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