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Local Restaurants
2014-03-11 16:46  


Eating is a national pleasure anywhere in China and though family and friends will barely have heard of Zhaoqing, this city of around 1 million people has a lot of good places to eat Szechwan (spicy), Cantonese (sweet) Shanghai (seafood) and northern (dumplings and noodles). There are many places advertising themselves as western restaurants too, especially around the Star Lake and bar area. Typically this means they have expensive steaks and Spam sandwiches on the menu. It’s worth a visit to check out the spelling mistakes.


Eating times are quite set in Zhaoqing and eating during these times will give you an indication of how popular the places are. If you’ve to wait for a table it has good food.  But don’t worry; people are usually quick because they want to go home for a nap.

Lunch – 11:45 – 12:45                             Dinner 6:15 – 7:15

Of course, you can eat around these hours too J



Dynasty Hotel, Duanzhou Road (opp Paifang Sq)

Western and Japanese Restaurant (2nd floor)

Chinese Restaurant (1st floor)

The best place for western food in Zhaoqing, whether yum cha-ing in the Chinese, tepanyaki-ing in the Japanese or cheeseburger-ing in the western.


SuperKitchen 4th floor, Star Lake Mall, Duanzhou Road, Zhaoqing

Good selection of food from Western to Asian dishes and a DIY section to help yourself to salads. Prices are reasonable and staff are friendly.


Spango Pizza Ground floor, Walmart Centre, Duanzhou Road Zhaoqing.

Selections of different pizzas from small to large prices can be from 36 upto 100rmb. They also have other delicious dishes and side snacks.


Star Lake Hotel, Duanzhou Road (tall silver blue spherical building) 


Good for views of the whole city, They mainly do buffet charging from 150rmb per person most it is Chinese food, though food tastes better at the Dynasty.


OYC Hotel  Xinghu Dadao, Zhaoqing

The all new 7 star hotel and can easily be recognized by it’s oversize appearance.  Inside the hotel is huge. They do have a banquet with different foods from all over the world a bigger range that what Star Lake Hotel offers roughly the same price. Also in the hotel they have other restaurants.        


UBC COFFEE SHOP, Duanzhou Road (opp Star Lake Hotel)

This Chinese chain has a very relaxing environment, and is popular on sat/sun mornings.  Good menu selection, particularly Chinese food. Prices are resonalble.


Shui He Tian, Wenming Road (close to the Bus Stn)

This restaurant has got 3 in town. It’s very traditional Chinese cuisine from Dim Sum to main meals. Prices are from 5rmb for side plates. Their portions are big. Try their Egg Friend Rice for only 15rmb. Also on the street there is a Night market where you can buy clothes and hardware products from 7pm to 10pm.


Cantonese Kitchen (near KFC on the post office road)

It’s not actually called this, but it’s what we always call it.  Chinese name has something to do with rice, fish and countryside. Staff wear traditional costume in this traditional

Cantonese food place. English menu, dishes from 3rmb – 15rmb inc. rice noodles, dumplings and soups



Seafood Restaurants  @ Xi Jiang Riverfront


From the main Tianning Road walk towards the river and turn left


Fantastic scallops and mussels but no English menu.  So unless you’re great at acting like seafood (or fancy a stroll around the kitchen pointing to bits of food) then invite some Chinese people for dinner (who’ll know the best places to eat by the river)


Yunan Cross Bridge Noodles

Main Post Office road (just past the Cantonese Kitchen and a KFC)

Climb the huge green staircase for this experience (the food can be found anywhere) of a Yunan restaurant chain across China. The story goes that in ancient times a scholar and his wife lived on an island with no cooking facilities.  So every day she would cross a bridge to reach the mainland and bring back food for her husband.  Who complained because the food was cold.  So he thought up the ingenious idea of only bringing fresh food from the mainland and putting it into a bowl of boiling water with a thin layer of oil on top (to retain the heat.  Clever, eh?) to enjoy hot food at home. Basically this is an easy hotpot in a relaxing environment.






Waterfall Show in Paifang Square, Zhaoqing.


Common Restaurants



No matter where you go you’ll always find these restaurants they are scattered all over Zhaoqing most of them are located in shopping centres Star Lake Mall, Wal-Mart and Grand buy Shopping Centres.



There is a huge lotus pond, which is very pretty when the lotus is in bloom (May/June) and it’s something you’ll find on most menus.  Anyway, if you take the pond as a clock, then at “11” there’s a good coffee shop, PARTON COFFEE serving freshly roasted coffee from 5rmb – 15rmb and at “1” there’s a Northern Food restaurant with no English menu but there are colourful pictures you can order from. 














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