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2014-03-13 17:12  


“Show up with your passport and in 5 minutes you can have an account—primarily savings with an ATM card. Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Industrial & Commercial Bank with 2 ATM cards and 3 Chinese credit cards for different purposes. You can also open a foreign currency account in Bank of China and GD Development.

Money can be changed at the Bank of China on Duanzhou Lu--#10 bus—also the Star Lake Hotel in a pinch. Western credit cards can be used at the B of C to get Chinese RMB. ATMs are for debit cards, not cash advance—found everywhere but mostly in Chinese. The Chinese do not generally accept credit cards except the high end ones in major tourist places. Be prepared to travel with cash! There are various ATMs of Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commerce Bank of China and Postal Service Bank of China on campus.



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