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Travel Recommendations by current and former teachers
2014-05-06 15:40  



I got a good deal to fly to Tokyo from Guangzhou for only 1800rmb but it meant stopping of in Beijing. Once landed I had to rush to the next terminal I barely made it. After landing in Tokyo airport I started using my 2 week Japan Rail Pass travelled up to Sapporo down to Nigata and all the way down to Hakata. Before I go any further for accommodation wise I didn’t release I needed to book a reservation for a hotel room. So I ended up staying in the Internet bars to sleep and check emails. They are not bad you can purchase a 12hour stay for 1000yen you have got a cubical legless chair (picture right), PC, TV and free drinks.  Anyway, I managed to purchase a plane ticket out to Okinawa (Where Karate originated) to have a look around it’s a place all the nice beaches are and this is the place were Japanese go for a short gateaway from their busy city life style. I then flew to Miyajima to see the Shrine in the sea. Continuing my trip I went to Hiroshima to visit the ruins of the Nuclear Bomb disaster. The city is very memorial with statues and shrines for the people who lost their lives in the 1945 disaster. I continued up to Kyoto to visit the temples. Kyoto seems to be the only place that is left of old Japan. Leaving Kyoto I went to Osaka, lovely city famous for its Teriyaki Pizza. Continuing my best rail pass I had a quick stop in Nagoya the third biggist city in Japan to visit a friend in an area called Moriyama. Then I went into Tokyo instead on staying in Internet bars I rented a room in Higashi Kogenei called Big Apple Guest House. Most people who were living there were foreign teachers and office workers. Also a few Japanese people who have left their hometown to make it big in Tokyo. Interesting people they gave me all the ins and outs living in Tokyo where to shop, what to see and what to avoid. I went back again on a working holiday visa in March – October 2007 to teach and taking part in local Karate Schools. Tokyo is a great place to visit but to live and work there is a hard life.

Info: http://www.japan-guide.com/




If you love the sea then go to Thailand. I flew with my wife from Hong Kong to Bangkok great deal from Wing On Travel in HK for only $HK2400 each. 6 day in Pattaya and 4 days in Bangkok. We hired a driver from Bangkok Airport named Mr Rangsan only took 1hr and 30mins. We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel facing the beach (my kinda place) great room, great food and great swimming pool. I asked if I could have the Elvis Presley suite but no it was occupied. Anyway Pattaya is quite a lively place with many massage parlours, bars playing different kinds of music on Walking Street and many night market restaurants. During the day you can take tours to different places, scuba dive, Jet Skiing, Paraglide, hire car or motorcycle. Bangkok the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is a crowded busy city but much more to see and do if shopping is your purpose then go to Chaktuchak station on the weekends where they are over 15,000 stalls from food to furniture. I thought Hong Kong was shopping heaven but after experiencing Chaktuchak this place is much much better by the end of the day you will be sick of shopping. Too many choices. Have a look for more info. http://www.tourismthailand.org/

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