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2014-05-06 16:49  

There is a Catholic church behind Children’s Park. There is also a small church in Gao Yao near the river.


There is a Protestant church temporarily meeting near the Ho Gang market while the church is being rebuilt from the ground up. The service is Sunday at 9:30 in Cantonese.

There is also a mosque on Kangle Lu in the old part of town.

In GZ there is an International Fellowship Sunday at 10—Star Hotel in Tian He near the East train station—in English—followed by buffet lunch (40 RMB). There is also a church on Shamian Island near the US Consulate with English. I think there is a Catholic cathedral near Haizhu Square but I am not sure where.

The church in Dong Shan has wonderful Christmas and Easter services—mostly Chinese.

There is a house church in GZ with Pastor Lamb—he speaks very good English and is quite an interesting person to meet.

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